FUN FACT: Dave worked in construction during high school and college.

just a sampling of the tools i use to create and survive



iphone : an elegant phone

ipad : an elegant device

macbook air : an elegant laptop

apple tv : easily get your media library on your tv



macos x : an elegant os

final draft : the scriptwriting standard

scrivener : the novel-writing standard

textwrangler : a hand-coder's dream

sparkle : prototype your website before coding

hype : html5 animation

pixelmator : a reasonable Photoshop replacement

sketch 3 : another tool to avoid Adobe subscriptions

audacity : multi-track audio editing

billings : invoicing for freelancers

1password : take all your passwords everywhere

transmit : elegant FTP

onyx : powerful system maintenance



dropbox : share cloud storage

evernote : store anything you find for later

google drive : sreate and share documents