FUN FACT: Dave has a published children’s book series not included here.



one day too late (dramedy, 20 minutes, female)


crush everlasting (dramedy, 2 minutes, male)


in-laws (comedy, 2 minutes, female)


devolution (drama, 3 minutes, female)


2 minutes (comedy, 2 minutes, male or female)


pushed (dramedy, 3 minutes, male or female)


the savior (comedy, 2 minutes, female)


myth explosion (comedy, 0 minutes, male or female)



collections with my work


60 Seconds To Shine Volume I:

221 One-Minute Monologues for Men


The Ultimate Audition Book:

222 Comedy Monologues 2 Minutes And Under, Vol. 4


YouthPlays presents Aesop Refabled


YouthPlays presents Pushed: The Bully Plays