concept, copy, creative direction
I spent a lot of the last decade creating and revamping web experiences. I've also been working on a lot of business development prep like pitch videos, crafting case studies,  creating brand guidelines, and sussing out voice and tone documents. You know, all of the things that don't belong here. So yes, I drifted away from broadcast for a long time, but I'm back now. So here's a mix of really new, and ridiculously old things I've made in here.
Radio Montage
I wrote and directed a lot of radio back in the day. It was more spots than I can count, or remember, or even sift through. But here are a bunch of them that still hold up. Don't worry, I'll only subject you to a montage.
A Subaru TV Montage
I've been cranking out a lot of television spots for Subaru Asia for a variety of campaigns. So rather than case study these up (I have Subaru elsewhere on the site), here's a montage.

Sorry, not yet ready.
The Golden Globes
I've never been forced into a lane. I've written for just about anything you can dream up and in any style you can request. From TV Shorts and Apple products, to a 20 minute monologue about abuse, I've had great fortune to receive a constant flow of interesting assignments. One day it's a random call to write a small thing for a friend, the next it's a big thing for money. This was a big thing.
An Old TV Montage
Most of the spots I produced were at a traditional agency in LA quite some time ago. Back then, it was hard to get copies of the work, resolutions were terrible, and the aspect ratio was still often 4:3. That's why I couldn't (and wouldn't) feature individual spots on my site. This old montage reel has survived and I'm including it just to show that Subaru isn't my only jam.