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A moment in the short play Running Numbers:
BRAD: It’s been three months since I came to take over this plant. And I know that most of you probably thought to yourselves, "Who’s this Brad Pendergast? He’s a potato chip guy from the big town, he doesn’t understand breakfast cereal." But just because I come from a different food by-product background—and a big city like Manhattan, Kansas—that does not mean I cannot make this particular company run smooth... ly.
A monologue about a monologue in the full-length play The Passionates:
ISOBEL: This flower. This imperfect, little crap highway flower. Probably part weed, cast out of the daisy family many generations ago. Its tiny, slim stalk bent by the weight of a bottle cap, making it lean like it's in a yoga stretch. This was not some impossibly beautiful flower arrogantly reeking perfection. This was just a simple, beautiful misfit—craning its neck in a sea of trash. Out among gravel, weeds, fry boxes, cigarette butts, plastic bags, shredded tires. Not even able to stand tall, but standing nonetheless. The most hostile environment imaginable, and there she was. Surviving. Offering her little splash of color and organic beauty to a sickly world of sun-stained dirt and patches of gray.
A piece of the courtroom scene in the full-length play The Harvey Project:
GUY VILLEVILLE: (produces a headshot of HARVEY TREEHORN from the table) He's a playwright known to act from time to time. Yes, he is. Go ahead, scrunch up your faces, make disapproving sounds. We all do. I do. Look closely. Do you see the naiveté? He simply doesn't realize that the theatre has gone the way of the buffalo. Oh, people still play shuffleboard, drink Tab, listen to Three Dog Night. They do, and they can still exist in society—just as Harvey Treehorn can. But I propose this: (walking to HARVEY TREEHORN and handing him the headshot) Harvey here must stay sharp on his own. As a playwright and actor, he cannot have work just because he wants work. So, let's just suppose that what he said was true. What if he really was reading a monologue he had written. Why not? He had an audience. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get an audience in this town? Do you? (he twirls around, when he comes back he fires:) "Ingratitude, more strong than Traitor's arms, quite vanquished him: then burst his Mighty heart!" (warmly) Harvey Treehorn had an audience. For what? He did not know. He performed his words anyway. It is, after all, his self-professed calling. Must we lay blame upon the ignobly ignorant, when their intentions are noble? (he shrugs) You tell me. If I had an audience, I'd probably end up naked. That is my natural instinct. Would I have to go to jail for this? I should think not. What would you do, with an audience? Well, let's ponder that for a moment.


one of those creative director types

I've been a marketing/ad guy for many years, leading creative teams and providing inspiration for projects big and small. I can direct both art and copy, but when I roll up my sleeves to whip up a branded social campaign, craft a video, or cook up some interactive digital work, copy is my specialty.

I have experience in traditional advertising, digital marketing, interactive, B2B, B2C, writing video scripts, UI writing for apps, UX writing for web, content strategy, content development, brand voice & guidelines, naming, product writing, technical writing, and much more.

Whether it's words, visuals, content—or all of them doing a dance—I've got you covered. Keep scrolling to see some work. 

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In case you're wondering what people say about this particular Dave, I've collected a few quotes from colleagues, direct reports, and clients.

"I cannot be more grateful to have been taken under Dave's wing. I've learned and grown more managed by him than any other manager I've had. He was equal parts sensei and sounding board. He was an advocate for my professional growth. He's full of compassion, approachable and warm, and a wellspring of creative ideas. When you think you've thought of everything, Dave offers a different perspective. And he was beloved and respected by everyone in the organization. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team!"

"Dave’s intuitive, with an ability to craft a brand’s voice in a way that resonates with their audience. He's also smart as a whip, able to demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of a client’s product, competitive landscape and industry within hours of starting an assignment—even with really complex, B2B, technical products. Clients love him."

"Dave is that unicorn that everyone is seeking. I’d need words crafted by Dave to attempt to describe what an amazingly talented writer he is, because “amazingly talented” doesn’t do him justice. The feats he pulls off in the form of copy are pretty phenomenal."

"Dave is one of the best people I've worked with. He is smart, very creative, and very collaborative. I would recommend him to anyone who needs for a sharp writer who also knows how to successfully manage others."

"Dave is a creative professional. He can tell stories, educate users and generate demand. Dave is aware of business landscapes and can effectively navigate the balance between customers and organizational constraints. He is easy to work with and I look forward to the next opportunity I have to partner with someone as balanced as Dave."

"Dave is an extremely talented writer and strategic thinker. On any project you can count on Dave to bring some very unique, outside-the-box ideas to the table. He is up-to-date on all the latest web and social marketing technologies. (In fact, he is our informal tech guru.) As a supervisor he is extremely organized and I have watched him mentor an intern to a full-level copywriter on several occasions. And did I mention he’s great at presenting, too?"

"Dave is a well-rounded creative leader. I've been impressed with his artistic eye and his can-do attitude. He brings unusual as well as realistic big ideas to many campaigns, he is also a skilled director and sets a great example for the junior writers he has helped along. He is highly recommended."

A picture of Dave writing on a whiteboard.


a word arranger extraordinaire

I've written two full-length plays and I've been a playwright-in-residence at SkyPilot Theatre. I've also penned a couple of one-acts, nearly 50 short plays, and have been produced both in the States and abroad. My latest project is a musical called "The Golden Parachute." I've written a Children's Book series, have a novel in progress, and have been published in several short play and monologue collections.

If you scroll down, you'll see that this site hosts a small sample of my work. Actors can grab free audition monologues, and fans of Deadwood or Arrested Development can read, download, or print episodes they never got to see—revisiting those worlds again. Just remember that the stuff here is all copyrighted by me, so be cool.

Oh, and I also have an Amazon Author Page if you're into that sort of thing.

"Well, it is the theatre. The only thing we have in abundance is labor."
— Spieler (from The Passionates)
The Harvey Project by Dave Ulrich book coverThe Passionates by Dave Ulrich book cover20 Short Plays by Dave Ulrich book cover
"Daylighting. It’s like moonlighting, but more... simultaneous."
— Kitty (from Shiv's Edge)
Deadwood TV spec by Dave Ulrich script coverArrested Development TV spec script by Dave Ulrich cover
"Human doesn’t taste like chicken at all."
— Person (from Myth Explosion)
free monologues
one day too late (dramedy, 20 minutes, female)
crush everlasting (dramedy, 2 minutes, male)
in-laws (comedy, 2 minutes, female)
devolution (drama, 3 minutes, female)
2 minutes (comedy, 2 minutes, male or female)
pushed (dramedy, 3 minutes, male or female)
the savior (comedy, 2 minutes, female)
myth explosion (comedy, 0 minutes, male or female)
monologue collections with my work
60 Seconds To Shine Volume I: 221 One-Minute Monologues for Men
The Ultimate Audition Book: 222 Comedy Monologues 2 Minutes And Under, Vol. 4
YouthPlays presents Aesop Refabled
YouthPlays presents Pushed: The Bully Plays
Text declaring that Dave is "Pro" hyphen "Found". If you lose something he encourages you to find it.


the king of playing king for a princess

First off, you know that famous HR guru who has written a ton of books? Well, I'm not that guy.

I am the Dave Ulrich who was born and raised in Kansas City (Missouri). Who lived in Prague for a few years. Who survived twelve years in Los Angeles. Who gave Taiwan a whirl, too. And who now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home.

I'm also the Dave Ulrich who used to be a sometimes watchable actor and a fairly good baseball player. Who devours films and chases music that either tells a story or inspires one. Who throws himself into projects (work and home) with extreme passion. I also get paid to write and help others write. I even collect the occasional (minuscule) royalty check that reminds me that I used to be an uppercase WRITER. Of the Dave Ulrichs I play in real life, I never stop being the one that is a husband and father. That's why I always seem to have a Disney song stuck in my head.

This Dad section may eventually have stories and articles I've written on the daddy experience. In the meantime, I have some recommendations for things you can use to be a pretty decent parent—if you're aiming for better than bad when it comes to dadding.



Here are some things for better dadding.
They aren't commission links, just free tips.


Look man, you're going to be exhausted. That's just the way it goes. The rewards are there, and they'll get better and better, so just hold on and try to grab some sleep whenever and wherever you can.

VIDEO: Get a second language started early on — in a fun and effective way.
PRODUCT: Just enough hallway light, when you have a sleepy child around.
PRODUCT: Try a lady bug night light with stars and a timer that will last.
PRODUCT: Don't fumble for keys to unlock your door with a sleepy infant.
PRODUCT: Opt for a nice comfy chair for toddlers that won't easily tip over.
PRODUCT: Try a very smart use of space for all of your toy storage needs.
BOOK: Read a unique story that's fun for the dad and the baby/toddler.
PRODUCT: Make food prep less exhausting with these ceramic scissors.


It doesn't get any cuter than this. It may get more amusing or you may feeler prouder later on, but this is peak adorability. You will get kindness from many a stranger just by proxy for the munchkin you have tagging along.

VIDEO: The Mister Rogers TV reboot is scientifically proven to make kids better.
PRODUCT: Skip the luxury stroller for a lightweight, inexpensive travel stroller.
PRODUCT: Replace your regular toilet seat for one that everyone can use.
TOY: Kids love mad lab goo slime... especially the variety of bright colors.
TOY: This tricycle secretly doubles as a stroller and helps prepare for biking.
VIDEO: This Pixar animation can really inform and entertain at an early age.
BOOK: Excellent book set as a companion to the aforementioned Pixar film.
PRODUCT: This light projector puts waves on the ceiling & doubles as a cool drum.
PRODUCT: A preschooler's gotta eat. And this bento box makes it fun and stylish.
PRODUCT: Traveling with a toddler? These headphones help with the entertainment.
PRODUCT: You don't have to spend a lot on a portable potty. This works great.


Now's where you start getting hilarious surprises. They're picking up random things you said—that you didn't expect them to cling to—and they repeat it as if it was important. It's funny, but now you have to think before you speak.

SUBSCRIPTION: Start STEM now with this monthly box of activities.
PRODUCT: Get them to pay attention to time with this truly SILENT clock.
GAME: Got a Switch? Keep them active with this dance game.
PRODUCT: Want brushing to be your child's favorite thing? Get this brush & app.
GAME: This is a great age for a classic game from your childhood.
PRODUCT: This is a kid-friendly version of frisbee that goes far and doesn't hurt.


Now they want to do things for themselves, but get emotional when they struggle. You're going to get tempted to start sharing things like Star Wars or Wonder Woman... but they're not as ready as they think they are.

BOOKS: May seem like base humor, but these books are clever & expand vocabulary.
GAME: Creative artwork with expansion packs, this is a game for the whole family.
GAME: A unique game to help get the started on building strategy skills.
PRODUCT: Time for a bigger desk? This adjustable desk will grow with your child.
BOOK: If they're ready to wade into Harry Potter, get the illustrated version.
PRODUCT: You probably have a tablet. This versatile stand makes life easier.


This is good stuff. They're funny, but awkward. They adore you and play pretend with more focus and energy. They're reading cooler things on their own and they're starting to like some of your music and movies. You've got a fan.

BOOKS: Weird is wonderful and these books inspire a love for the weird side of science.
GAME: Who says screen time isn't good exercise? Not the makers of this this game.
PRODUCT: Are they asking about camping yet? Might be time for this this tent.
BOOK: Now's the time to put them on the graphic novel path.

Graphic text declaring that "Introverts are sexy" and that it was something said at a party once, but Dave had already left.


So that's it.

If you need someone to manage a writing team or write copy that pops and persuades, just hit the ol' hamburger up there and you'll find all of my details.

If you want to perform anything on here, same deal. Just let me know.

And if you're a dad who is freaking out, don't panic. You can reach out, too. I'll talk you down.

Any other reason you want to talk? Sure.